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Pinky the Party Animal


Pinky’s Story


I woke up one day behind the Circus Circus on a hot summer morning dazed and confused. I had no memory and I was extremely dehydrated, then out of nowhere this black and pink party bus pulls up. They took me in and gave me some tasty beverages to cool off. I asked the driver if I could tag along for the day and he obliged. This was the day that changed my life… The day that “Pinky” was born.

The customers on the party bus could not get enough of my dance moves and pole tricks. The driver insisted I meet the owners of the company and the rest is history. I can’t believe I am getting paid to be myself, life is but a dream!


Party Tours dubbed me “Pinky the Party Animal” the Official Mascot of Party Tours! I have finally found a place where I belong and my talents are needed.

This is not just another paycheck for me, this is a lifestyle!


Over the years I have been entertaining guest from all over the world. Party after party…I’ve rocked the house from dusk till dawn!

My specialties are Dance-offs and selfies at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, I can’t be beat! Come on down and try for yourself, I love a challenge!

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Birthplace: Unknown (Behind Circus Circus)

Birthday: 10-31-????

Height: Posture is everything

Weight: A gentleman never tells

Hair Color: Party Tours Pink

Eyes: Googley

Favorite Pass Time: Practicing my dance moves, entertaining tourists on the Las Vegas strip

Favorite Drink: Tequila Sunrise

Favorite Song: Party Tours Anthem of course! But I also love “Don’t stop believing” by Journey & “2 Legit to quit” by Hammer

Allergies: Cheap Liquor & Bad Attitudes

Job Title: C.P.A “Chief Party Animal”


Longest Keg Stand Award @ UNLV Class of 1992

Most Interesting Collection of Items in a Locker @ UNLV Class of 1992

Social Butterfly Award 1994

Most Annoying Street Musician 1997 Las Vegas

I just work here Award 2014

Egg on your face Award 2015

Bag of Trix Award 2009

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