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Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Las Vegas Nightclub Dress Code

Dress to impress…

The biggest reason people are turned away from a nightclub is because the Las Vegas Nightclub dress code is VERY strict and you are not in compliance, or you or someone in your group is over intoxicated. We’ve outlined the rules, regulations, and suggestions for a hassle free evening.

Definite DON’T’S

No baggy jeans

No sports hat

No tennis shoes

No “sporty” shoes

No shorts

No jerseys

No beanies

No boots

If you want to make sure your night goes smoothly, DO NOT RISK IT!


Jeans – Jeans are acceptable if not too baggy or ripped.

Shirts – T-shirts are acceptable if fitted and dressed up. Try pairing with a nice blazer for a more upscale look. Collard shirts will get you in every time.

Hats -Any sports or fitted hat will get you rejected from the club. However, if the hat is considered fashionable, than you can definitely get away with it. Try pairing your outfit with a beret or rimmed hat if you absolutely must wear one.

Shoes – Shoes can be tricky so I always suggest wearing a dress shoe if you want to be 100% sure you will get into the club. Occasionally, you might be able to slide past by dressing a low profile tennis shoe (all black, all white, gray, etc) with a nice collard shirt, jacket and nice pants but it is ultimately up to the door guy.


Ladies can pretty much get away with wearing anything in Vegas, as long as it isn’t revealing TOO much. Stay away from see through tops and bottoms, pasties, and super short dresses, skirts or shorts.

Shoes – Heels will always guarantee a swift and easy entry and just like the men, no tennis shoes are allowed. If heels are an absolute no for the night, I would suggest wearing wedges. Sandals are okay but they can not have a strap in the back. No flip flops will be allowed.

Pool Party Dress Code

The day clubs in Vegas implement a strict dress code policy! Acceptable items for men to wear is swim trunks, board shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, flip flops, sandals, and sunglasses. Socks are not allowed. For women, acceptable items are bikinis or bathing suits, sandals, flip flops, wedges, heels, sun dresses, coverups, sun hats, and sun glasses. No vapes, prescription medicine, large bags, backpacks, baggy clothing, ripped clothing, jerseys, chains, athletic shoes or sneakers, see through attire, and pasties are not allowed.


Please bring Valid Undamaged Identification. State ID/Drivers License, Military ID, & Passports (actual Passports-venues do not accept the Passports on a credit card) are all acceptable forms of ID. The venues will not accept your ID if it is damaged in any way or if they believe it to be fraudulent. If you lose your ID the nightclubs will not allow you in. Once again this is not up to Party Tours…this is up to the nightclubs discretion.

Pace Your Alcohol

This is a long night. We want everyone to have a good time, but please remember that if you get too intoxicated the nightclubs have the right to refuse you entrance. The doormen are trained to watch for stumbling, glassy eyes, wobbly knees, and obnoxious behavior. This is not to up to Party Tours to decide if you get in…ultimately it is up to the nightclub.

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