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How To Tell The Difference Between a Club Crawl and a Pub Crawl? .

How To Tell The Difference Between a Club Crawl and a Pub Crawl? .

Do you know how to tell the difference between a Club Crawl and a Pub Crawl?

Ever since the emergence of Nightclub Tours, Las Vegas has exploded with various types of crawls promising VIP entry into exclusive locations, drink deals, and cover already taken care of at the door of each club. But with the large range in pricing between these crawls, it’s safe to say that not all nightclub tours are created equal. Typically, a club crawl is a nightclub tour that involves nightclubs while a pub crawl goes into nice bars. So what questions should you ask to help figure out the difference between a club crawl and a pub crawl? Use the questions below as a guide to help figure out some of the differences these tours offer and to see what type of “crawl” is better for you.


How many spots are we going to in one night?

In Las Vegas nightclubs are Exclusive and they don’t open for business until later in the evening. Because of this, the “more clubs in one night” isn’t always the best option when it comes to exclusive nightclubs. So how many exclusive nightclubs can a tour really do in one night? Traditionally, three nightclubs is a good balance of spending time in an exclusive nightclub and time on a party bus. Any more stops in one night, and there is a good chance that the clubs are more like pubs. So if a tour company offers four, five, or even six “clubs” in one night; chances are you are going into a pub crawl instead of a club crawl.  


What is the dress code?

Nightclubs expect you to dress up! In fact, one of the biggest reasons people get turned away from a nightclub is because they aren’t dressed appropriately for the nightclub. Bars, on the other hand, don’t have a dress code. If a crawl doesn’t care about what you wear for the big night, you might be going on a pub crawl instead of a club crawl.

las vegas nightclub dress code

How do we get to each club?

In Vegas, there is no such thing as a walking nightclub tour. That’s because only a handful of resorts have more than one nightclub in their hotel. Even if they did, ladies, would you want to walk from venue to venue in heels? Probably not. So if you aren’t being escorted in some sort of Party Bus Limo between the venues, then there is a good chance you are on pub crawl instead of a club crawl.


Is it going to be a party bus full of guys?

This may be an uncomfortable question to ask but it is a good indicator of whether you will be going on a pub crawl or a club crawl. Nightclubs like to tip the scales in favor of females over males when it comes to attendance; bars don’t. Because of this, club crawls must have a more balanced ratio of females to males than pub crawls. So if you ask that crawl company if they try to balance out ratios of males to females, and they don’t, there’s a good chance you are in a pub crawl instead of a club crawl.


Are there any food specials at the club?

Only a handful of nightclubs offer food but they don’t serve food during the nightclub hours. So if you see a tour that offers food specials, you probably are going on a pub crawl instead of a club crawl.


Are there any drink specials?

Drinks in nightclubs can be expensive, so it definitely is a perk to get some sort of drinks specials. But with the exception of early in the night, nightclubs don’t offer drink specials. So if you ask about drink specials and the crawl company promotes drink specials at each venue, you probably going on a pub crawl instead of a club crawl.

Vegas is a wonderful and creative place, so there will always be some exceptions to the rules. But if you use these questions more as guidelines, you’ll be able to crack the code of what many smaller crawl companies are offering. You’ll quickly be able to figure out whether they will be taking you to a club crawl or a pub crawl.

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